Wet R Dry ABS Cement - 250ml c/w Clear Brush

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Product Description

725 Wet R Dry Pipe Cement for joining PVC and ABS (flexible) tubes, coupling sleeves and fittings in Swimming Pool Pipework up to diameter 160 mm. Premium formula for wet conditions and/or quick pressurisation. Suitable for irrigation, plumbing, and pool & spa applications Maximum pressure 16 bar for PVC, and 5 bar for ABS. Can be used in damp conditions, but not below 5° C.

Available in a 250ml tin with a resealable lid. 

· Suitable for Wet and Dry Conditions
· Extremely fast drying
· For PVC and ABS Pipework
· Gap filling
· For Flexible tubes (hoses)
· For Swimming Pool Installations
· Clear Brush included

4 year shelf life but once opened the shelf life will reduce.  Use within 3 to 6 months once opened.

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