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Cleaning your hot tub or spa filters improves their efficiency and helps maintain sparkling water. To do this use our filter and cartridge cleaner and soak your filter cartridges over night. Certain water conditions and additions like cosmetics, soaps and body fats, if allowed to build up in water will create foaming. The simple addition of Blue Horizons Foam Away will eliminate unwanted foam from hot tub & spa water surfaces. To restore the sparkle to dull water use our hot tub & spa clarifier. To prevent both staining and scaling it is a good idea to add a Stain and Scale Inhibitor.

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Aqua Sparkle  Spa Cartridge Cleaner 1 litre

£13.95  (4)

Aqua Sparkle  Spa Foam Away 1 litre

£13.95  (8)

Aqua Sparkle Hot Tub Conditioner Aqua Sachet 120ml

£3.20  (4)

Aqua Sparkle Hot Tub Flush 0.5 litre

£11.50  (1)

Aqua Sparkle Spa Instant Filter Cleaner 0.5 litre

£11.95  (1)

Aqua Sparkle Spa Scale Away 1 Litre

£13.95  (6)

Aqua Sparkle Spa Sparkle 1 litre

£13.95  (6)

Aqua Sparkle Spa Clarity Cubes

£6.75  (2)

Aqua Sparkle Spa Surface Cleaner 1 litre

£13.95  (1)

Gold Horizons Spa Shine 'n' Protect 500ml

£17.70  (1)

Immerse Spa Filter Cartridge Cleaner 2 x 50g

£6.75  (11)

Swirl Away Pipe Cleaner 475ml

£17.85  (1)

AquaSparkle Hot Tub Service Pack



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