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Active Oxygen Treatments

AquaBlanc | Synergistic Effect | Non-Chlorine System | Spas

AquaBlanc is a non-chlorine system that provides testing and treatment in an easy application.  The AquaBlanc system provides for a more gentle odour-free bathing environment ideal for sensitive skin and younger bathers.  To boost performance the AquaBlanc system can be used in conjunction with traditional shocks and clarifiers (Chlorine and Non Chlorine) to deliver an easy to use and flexible alternative to Bromine and Chlorine based systems.

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AquaBlanc Active Oxygen Spa Starter Kit

£73.50  (2)

Blue Horizons Aquablanc & Active Oxygen Test Strips

£13.85  (5)

AquaBlanc O2 Active Oxygen Tablets 1kg

£30.90  (6)

AquaBlanc A Combination Liquid 1 litre

£21.60  (4)

Aqua Sparkle Spa Clarity Cubes

£6.75  (2)


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