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To kill Algae in your swimming pool you will need to add an Algaecide. Long life algaecides are the perfect one off treatment, one dose is all that is required to see you through a swimming season. Winterising algaecide can also be used to dose your pool over the winter to keep it free from algae.
Clarifiers are used to gather small particles in your swimming pool water together to coagulate them into bigger particles so the filter can collect them. Another way is by flocculation and the chemicals used are sometimes abbreviated to "floc". Floc comes in either granules or as Floc tables.

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Blue Horizons Algae Controller 0.5 litre

£8.75  (8)

Blue Horizons Algimax Algae Eliminator 2 litre

£32.70  (7)

Blue Horizons Aqua Sparkle Flocculant Tablets 500g

£14.45  (9)

Blue Horizons Clearfast 150ml

£3.90  (3)

Blue Horizons Granular Floc 2kg

£13.45  (5)

Blue Horizons Jelly Clear Cubes Flocculent

£5.15  (5)

Blue Horizons Phos Away 1 litre


Blue Horizons Slatted CoverKleen 5 litre

£34.70  (2)

Blue Horizons Springwash Cleaner 5 litre

£25.00  (1)

Blue Horizons Stain & Scale Inhibitor 1 litre

£29.85  (1)

Blue Horizons Summer Clear Algaecide 2 litre

£26.65  (2)

Blue Horizons Tile & Liner Cleaner 2 litre

£19.80  (1)

Blue Horizons Ultimate Phos Granules 2 x 100g


Blue Horizons Ultimate Water Clarifier Concentrate 1ltr

£24.40  (4)

Blue Horizons Ultimate Winter Time Algaecide 5 litre

£26.40  (27)

Blue Horizons Waterline Cleaning Paste 350g


Jolly Gel Swimming Pool Flocculent Clarifier

£13.99  (8)

Kleen Pool  Algaecide 1 litre

£13.55  (19)


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