Harvia Sauna Control Unit C150VKK

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Product Description

The M60E and M80E heaters must be equipped with a separate control unit CC150VKK which must be installed in a dry area outside of the sauna room at the height of about 170cm. The control unit includes detailed instructions for fastening the unit on the wall. Install the temperature sensor on the wall of the sauna room above the heater. It should be installed on the lateral centre line of the heater, 100 mm down-wards from the ceiling.

The heater is easily turned on and off immediately by means of its manually controlled, push-button switch. The maximum number of hours the heater stays on can be limited to 6, 12 or 18 hours. A programmable week timer enables the heater to come on or go off automatically at any given time on any selected days of the week. The control unit has versatile remote control features. In addition it features an indicator light and guidance on the use of external equipment.

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