Mariner 3S Clubliner Plus Commercial Swimming Pool Cleaner

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Brand:  Mariner

Mariner 3S Clubliner PLUS is the ideal robot for your pool facility and is designed for commercial swimming pools up to 25 metres.

The Mariner 3S Clubliner Plus Automatic Pool Cleaner integrates the technological innovations and know-how derived from years of work into the most compact form. Using high-quality materials, perfect machining and a unique filter system don‘t just guarantee a long service life: They make the Mariner 3S Clubliner Plus unbeatable in cost efficiency. Developed for pools up to 25 metres long, it cleans all pool floors and walls as well as paddling pools to a water depth as little as 20 cm with unmatched thoroughness.

The Clubliner Plus cleans all kinds of pools up to 25 metres in length fully automatic with the mariner 3S X driving program in a controlled way.  After the desired cleaning time, the device automatically switches off.

Cleaning Performance
A Vacuum of more than 5 kg is generated by the hydraulic system and the construction of the unit in addition with the rubbing effect of the water ensures a cleansing leaving clear traces - even in swimming pools with a water depth of 20 cm.  The compact construction allows the cleaner to move alongside edges and in to corners so even more dirt & debris is absorbed and trapped in the filter box.  Optimal dirt removal with powered rollers and rubber brush means no smearing.  The powered rollers and rubber brushes at the front and back provide the best results in removing dirt.

Drive Patterns
The Mariner 3S Clubliner Plus performs three different drive patterns. It is equipped with drive pattern X, N and H. The H pattern is the fastest cleaning programme in the world.  The N and H pattern enables it to be used sucessfully in free form shape pools, beach entry and it avoids obstacles. (Please see Product Overview PDF below for further details)

The sophisticated hydraulic system guarantees effective cleaning performance across the entire width of the cleaner.  Dirty water passes through the filter and then through the pump, by doing this the pump is protected against blockages and damage.  Optimised fluid mechanics thanks to flow optimisation ensures dirt isn't stirred up and doesn't escape the cleaning process.

Filter Capacity
With 2 lamella filters this guarantees a large filter area of 1.25  M2 which makes it possible to filter out large dirt quantities. It even catches bacterial colonies.  The filters are located in the filter box which can be removed from the top of the cleaner and carried to a cleaning area without the loss of dirt.

Easy Handling
The Mariner 3S Clubliner Plus with its light transport trolley is handy and easily manoeuverable on the ground.  The cleaner itself weighs just 17 kg and can be driven into the pool with running drive.  Once finished cleaning it can be brought to the surface by the cable and driven out of the pool with the remote control.

Low Costs
Maintenance-free, brushless motors in the drive unit and pumps provide cost-efficient operation and long service intervals.  Durable stainless steel and high-grade plastic guarantees resistance to salt and thermal waters as well as a long serivce life.

Mariner 3S Clubliner Plus Features:

  • Clubliner Plus Commerical Cleaner with integrated filter box and filter set
  • Pratical Transport trolley made from lightweight aluminium
  • Intuitive Radio Remote control with features such as operating hours and cycle counter, menu choice and parameter setttings and also works precisely at long distances
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Swiss Quality

Product Overview PDF - Click HERE

Technical Data

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