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Dolphin Zenit Swimming Pool Cleaners

Dolphin Zent 10, 20 & Z3i Robotic Cleaner | Superior Cleaning Performance | Automatic Pool Vacuums

Dolphin Zenit Pool Cleaners by Maytronics provide superior cleaning performance, total cleaning all the way to the waterline, with triple-action brushing that scrubs away algae and bacteria.  Superior collection of dirt and debris leaves water crystal-clear.  Precise self-adjusting navigation and full-coverage cleaning. Long-lasting reliability with Effort-free operation.

Using a Dolphin Zenit Pool Cleaner in your swimming pool will save water and energy, help to prevent germination of algae and bacterium. It will also reduce the number of required back washes.

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Dolphin Zenit 10 Swimming Pool Cleaner

£819.00  (2)

Dolphin Zenit 20 Swimming Pool Cleaner

£1,449.00  (3)

Dolphin Zenit Z3i Swimming Pool Cleaner

£1,395.00  (1)

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